Making cabinetry is a labor of love – and there’s more to making cabinetry than making attractive & functional cabinets. We’re faced with the challenge of creating custom cabinetry that can withstand a lifetime of use in the most demanding environments in the home – the kitchen & the bath.

“There’s more to making cabinetry than making attractive & functional cabinets.”

Many homeowners want the warmth and beauty of real, solid wood cabinetry. However, wood is notoriously responsive to changes in temperature and humidity – changes we experience in Colorado nearly hourly. One way to combat these constant changes is by using a more hardy species – but no one likes limited choices. Enter Rubio Monocoat, the single layer, non-spray, zero-VOC, repairable, molecular bound and highly durable wood finishing product – available in 40 standard colors.


The RMC Oil Plus 2C single coat system offers benefits rarely seen in a single step finishing product: moisture and heat resistance, non-glossy natural looking finish, no “start/stop” overlaps or inconsistencies, strong resistance and simple repair. Additionally, the surface can be washed with soap and water just 5 days after the finish’s application.