Although it may seem hard to believe, bathroom vanities have been used for hundreds of years. In fact, people from ancient Egypt used decorated boxes and chests in order to store their grooming tools, makeup, and toiletries.

But the concept of bathroom vanity as we have it today became popular only around the middle of the 20th century. And nowadays we can find bathroom vanities in all shapes, colors and designs. Visiting a great cabinetry showroom in Denver like Christopher’s Kitchen and Bath can give you inspiration on the many types of vanities there are to choose from.

Christopher's Kitchen and Bath

The classic, traditional vanities are made of wood and have elegant mirrors. But even the classic type of vanities must be functional and practical.

At any rate, while choosing the right type of bathroom vanities, you need to take into account the exact size of your bathroom. Thus, in case you have a smaller bathroom, a large vanity will make it feel a bit cramped. And in case you own a large bathroom, a vanity that is too small can make the space appear too big.

And the choice of your bathroom vanity may also depend on the people who will be using it, in general. In this respect, you need to consider important details such as style, storage and comfort. The freestanding type is the most traditional and commonly found.

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