White kitchen cabinets can be a great choice for a small kitchen, because white furniture visually enlarges the room.

Regardless of its design, white kitchen furniture must be combined with a stronger color, so that there is a visual and chromatic balance. White cabinets and white walls would be too much; you will get a faded, sober decor that always seems to be missing something.kitchen remodel Denver

You can choose a strong shade – dark blue, burgundy, purple, but also yellow or orange; however, it is preferable to limit yourself to a single accent wall, instead of painting the entire kitchen with that strong color, because it can become tiring for the eyes, and the space will look more crowded. An updated kitchen remodel Denver design may include cabinetry in a complementary color. It may have a single accent wall, and decor elements in the same shade. This can be enough to break the monotony of white kitchen cabinets and create a balanced and coherent decor.

A kitchen with white furniture can have retro accents, as well as modern minimalist accents. Regarding the style suitable for white cabinets, you have total freedom, but you may want to consider a Scandinavian or a classic decor, as they are often the best match suggested by professional designers.