Stained wood is obtained with a solution made from a mixture of solid or liquid dyes and organic solvents, plus other ingredients that provide additional properties. These solutions can be used for multiple purposes:

  • wood coloring
  • highlighting the wood design
  • highlighting the texture of the wood
  • making the natural color of the wood look more even
  • hiding some wood defects
  • wood protection

The difference between stained wood and painted wood is given by the transparency and the specific uses of each solution. Stained wood is only lightly colored, so that the wood fiber remains visible.

Denver cabinets

Wood stained Denver cabinets are not as popular as they used to be in the past, but they are still here, especially nowadays that the return to natural elements is a growing trend. These cabinets have an authentic aspect, very suitable for rustic and traditional designs. Besides, staining the wood is a method which allows obtaining imitations of precious wood species from timber with inferior decorative qualities.

Wood staining solutions are water resistant and prevent it from entering the open pores of the wood, which provides protection in the humid environment specific to the kitchen.

Another advantage of stained kitchen cabinets is that they are more affordable than painted cabinets.