The Most Versatile Solid Surface Ever

No other product can call itself completely non-porous, repairable, chemically resistant, seamless, fire resistant and frost resistant – the possibilities are endless. Krion is commonly used for shower walls, shower bases, vanity tops, sink basins, kitchen counters, backsplashes, outdoor counters, bath tubs, facades and architectural features.

161206_krioncolorsKrion’s 70 different colors can be fabricated in nearly limitless shapes and sizes and can even be thermoformed, backlit, CNC’d and mitered. The material emits no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and its non porous surface keeps bacteria from multiplying, allowing effective cleaning every time. Resistance to heat and cold makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor countertops and cooking areas.

While some colors are more resistant to scratching and sun light, the company clearly indicates which they recommend for outdoor use.

One finish, Zero VOC

Making cabinetry is a labor of love – and there’s more to making cabinetry than making attractive & functional cabinets. We’re faced with the challenge of creating custom cabinetry that can withstand a lifetime of use in the most demanding environments in the home – the kitchen & the bath.

“There’s more to making cabinetry than making attractive & functional cabinets.”

Many homeowners want the warmth and beauty of real, solid wood cabinetry. However, wood is notoriously responsive to changes in temperature and humidity – changes we experience in Colorado nearly hourly. One way to combat these constant changes is by using a more hardy species – but no one likes limited choices. Enter Rubio Monocoat, the single layer, non-spray, zero-VOC, repairable, molecular bound and highly durable wood finishing product – available in 40 standard colors.


The RMC Oil Plus 2C single coat system offers benefits rarely seen in a single step finishing product: moisture and heat resistance, non-glossy natural looking finish, no “start/stop” overlaps or inconsistencies, strong resistance and simple repair. Additionally, the surface can be washed with soap and water just 5 days after the finish’s application.


Carrara, Concrete & the Colorado Kitchen

The Kitchen has always been a place for innovation – and Bauformat takes this notion very seriously. Manufactured with the most sophisticated tools available, Bauformat has created cabinetry in textures and styles no one else has, or can.

Concrete available in White, Grey and Dark Grey.

Carrara available in White or Black.