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As of 8/10/20:

The importance of acting with prudence and care in our daily activities is the responsibility of everyone in our community and beyond. And the health and safety of our valued communities is most important.
· Our showrooms are operating on an Appointment-Only basis and we are scheduling in-home appointments. While we are very excited to be able to offer more in-person services, we will always err toward caution. Please see specific details below:

Showroom Appointments: Anyone entering our buildings is required to wear State compliant face coverings over nose and mouth, and sanitize hands upon entering. No more than two client meetings will take place at any given time in our 5,000 sq ft Englewood Location and all spaces and materials utilized will be sanitized following the meeting. No more than one client meeting will take place at any given time in our 3,000 sq ft Denver Location and all spaces and materials utilized will be sanitized following the meeting. 
In-Home Appointments: As many of the spaces we work in tend to be the most personal in the home, we ask that any high-use spaces we will be measuring or consulting be cleaned beforehand. We will be wearing State compliant face coverings and will sanitize hands before entering your home. We kindly ask the clients do the same. 

· In any instance we or our clients are sufficiently served, we will default to utilizing Zoom,, GotoMeeting, Google Hangouts, Skype and/or Facetime
· Our designers are available during our regular hours and, as always, are eager to be of service
· Our plumbing department remains open M-F 8AM-5PM for regular services; after hours Emergency services & Shut-Offs are also still available
It’s an important time, when the steps we can take in ensuring that every client is served in the safest possible way are critically important. For in-home services, we ask that anyone requesting appointments share any common-sense concerns to protect our teams as well; such as recent travel of any kind, sickness of any kind, or that of family members.

We will get through this and we believe that acting swiftly and taking precautions will allow us to get back to the concerts, sporting events, dining and togetherness we enjoy in our beautiful state much sooner and safer.
Our care and concern extends beyond our own doorways, and most importantly into yours. From our showrooms, to our in-home services, this responsibility weighs heavily on us. We will continue to do our part to ensure we deliver the same safety and peace of mind while we work in your homes and businesses. All of our employees are allowed paid sick time, quarantine time and instructed to use it without hesitation. Individuals and companies we contract with share our feelings and are vested members of the same community we all aim to protect.
Christopher‘s is¬†here to offer the Colorado community all of¬†the¬†services and products¬†that¬†we‚Äôve been proud¬†to for¬†over 60 years¬†‚Äď and we‚Äôre doing¬†it¬†with heightened¬†awareness and caution.¬†
Thank you for your decades of support and we look forward to working with you!
– The Christopher’s Plumbing, Inc. / Christopher’s Kitchen & Bath Family

What We’ve Always Done in Showrooms:
· Thorough, regular cleaning of our showrooms, offices & facilities
· Thorough, regular cleaning of our samples and shared workspaces
· Encourage our employees to use paid sick time without hesitation
· Offer our employees affordable $0.00 deductible healthcare options
· Provided hand sanitizers and clean hand washing areas throughout our showrooms
· Offer direct-to-home delivery and shipping, no signature or contact required

What We’ve Always Done in the Field:
· Utilize BuildClean HEPA air scrubbers with dust collection to minimize dust and irritants in the air
· Utilize separate entrances and bathrooms on site when possible
· Use plastic sheething and negative pressure to minimize passive air and dust flow from areas under renovation
· Encourage individuals and companies we contract with to practice the same common-sense measures to prevent spreading illness

Added Precautions/Services in Showrooms:
· Masks required indoors by all, at all times
· Showrooms open by Appointment-Only; all staff practicing social distancing personally & professionally
· All Showroom services available via teleconferencing; Zoom,, GotoMeeting, Google Hangouts, Skype and/or Facetime
· No added charges for direct-to-home delivery and shipping, no signature or contact required

Added Precautions in the Field:
· Masks required indoors by all, at all times
· Utilizing all available delivery services from suppliers to keep service techs and installers out of supply houses and high traffic areas
· Service Technicians and Installers subject to Zero-Tolerance Policy for working under the weather & no questions asked sick time off
· No-contact-required service, maintenance and repair
· Additional on-site cleaning practices, sanitizing areas worked in
· Regular, thorough cleaning of vehicles and tools


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