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Investing in your home through a design and build remodel project is a significant decision. When it comes to choosing an established, experienced, and qualified firm, look no further. Christopher’s Kitchen and Bath has been transforming homes in Colorado for over 30 years, and our expertise extends to plumbing with over 64 years of experience. As a one-stop, fully enveloped design and build firm, we are committed to providing you with a seamless and exceptional experience.
Let’s Outline The Process



Start your journey at our showroom. We discuss your project, goals, and our process, kickstarting your design and build remodeling journey.



We visit, grasp your vision, preferences, functional needs, style, and budget. Precise measurements and layout assessment lay the foundation for your tailored design.



Using CAD and rendering software combined with years of training and expertise, we bring your vision to life with 2D/3D drawings, samples, and design concepts. Your dream space takes shape here.



Composed of a highly detailed breakdown of labor scope, project materials and all related pricing, you’ll review with your Designer before giving the green light for the next phase and scheduling your project.



Our skilled teams bring your vision to life, from demolition to finishing touches, making your dream spaces a reality in your home.

Why Use A Design & Build Contractor?

Streamlined Collaboration

Our experienced design-build contractors and installers work collaboratively, ensuring seamless communication and efficient project delivery. With expertise in both design and construction, our team of home remodeling contractors can efficiently handle every aspect of your project.

Efficient Project Delivery

From planning your project to making the final touches after construction, we focus on delivering excellent results. As experienced home renovation contractors, we understand the importance of efficient project management, allowing us to deliver outstanding home renovation results.

Cohesive Design & Build Process

Our design and build contractors are well-versed in delivering the highest quality services, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. Whether you require the renovation of a single space, or your whole home, our skilled team and meticulous approach ensure a successful outcome.

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