kitchen remodel in Denver

Kitchen remodel Denver designs have evolved a lot in the last few decades – the space is no longer considered to be strictly a place where food is prepared, modern kitchens are components of importance, spaces that play a functional and aesthetic role as well, rooms that are no longer separated from the rest of the living space with walls. Open kitchens are fluid spaces that use design components, rather than walls and doors, to delimit the areas with different functionality, such as the area where the food is prepared and the family room space – here are some tips about how to create such limits and with them, a harmonious, open kitchen design layout:

  • Use the counter or the kitchen island to separate the space – in the case of open kitchens, delimiting the space is actually a way to create harmony and a balance in a practical way;
  • Use the same type of flooring in the entire area – while using two different types of flooring in open kitchens (one in the cooking area and another in the conversation and living room space) used to be the preferred solution, today’s modern open kitchens use the same type of flooring throughout, thus creating a unified look;
  • Use layered light – using multiple sources of light and fixtures of different styles will add functionality as well as class to your open kitchen.
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