kitchen cabinets Denver

Solid oak kitchen cabinets are great assets that make any kitchen more inviting with their beautiful, warm color and harmonious graining. Unfortunately, any type of natural wood, including oak, can lose its luster over time, but don’t worry, there are many things that you can do to refresh the looks of your cabinets without replacing them. Here are some tips from kitchen cabinets Denver designers on how to spruce up older cabinets:

  • Change the hardware – if your cabinet doors are in good shape, you can refresh the appearance of the units by replacing only the hardware. Choose handles or knobs that match the style of the cabinets;
  • Paint or stain the doors – if the exterior surface of the doors seems worn, you can paint them. If you choose this solution, expect the task to be tedious – you will need to clean the doors, sand them and prime them before you can apply your stain or paint. It is a good idea to choose a color that is one or two shades darker than the original color of the cabinets;
  • Refresh the areas around the cabinets – refreshing the areas that surround the cabinets is sometimes easier than any restoration performed on the cabinets. A new backsplash or a new color on the walls can make your cabinets brand new.