bath remodel Denver

A bathroom or kitchen remodel project in Denver can take a while, especially if it is a large one that involves major changes. There may be delays, for example, due to an approval, if you want to change pipes, break walls or improve the electrical system. In addition, there are other things that could cause delays: delivery problems, subcontractors working after hours, such as an electrician working on another project, unexpected situations, etc.

When it comes to a bath remodel in Denver, some of the most time-consuming operations are related to the process of manufacturing custom-made furniture, which can take between two and four weeks, adding new pipes and installing new wiring circuits (not just for lighting, but for certain bathroom appliances that you might want to install).

When it comes to a complete bath remodel Denver homeowners want to replace the tiles. Some tiles need to be cut to fit perfectly; additionally, after applying them, tiles should be allowed to dry, during which time you will not be able to do any other work in the bathroom. Also, if you are replacing the tub with a shower, it may be necessary to replace the drains.

A Denver bathroom installation or remodeling can take up to a month, or more.