kitchen cabinets Denver installation

The average time needed for kitchen upgrades is usually around 6-8 weeks, but the exact amount of time that your kitchen remodeling project requires depends on many factors. Here are some important factors that will influence the project duration:

  • The volume of the project – a minor remodel that involves only painting, maybe the replacement of a faucet or of a lighting fixture takes shorter than a high-volume project that involves the complete reconfiguration of the flooring plan, the replacement of the plumbing pipes, of the electrical wiring or of the gas installation. Projects that involve structural changes, such as the removal of old walls, will also take longer than simpler projects;
  • The amount of help that you get – many processes involved in kitchen remodeling can be accomplished by DIYers. Cabinet doors can be successfully replaced or refreshed by homeowners, the flooring replacement and the painting can also be done on your own. However, most reputable kitchen cabinets Denver installation experts agree that DIY kitchen upgrades can take much longer because the homeowner is likely to have less experience and might work less efficiently than professionals. There are project phases that should not be performed by amateurs, such as work that involves handling electricity or gas supply systems – these should always be performed by professionals.
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