A new summer comes with new ideas for interior design. Each room is a source of new redevelopment plans, and the bathroom is no exception. Here is what you can do to freshen up its look without making a major renovation.

Change the bathroom rug. Choose a different color or a different texture and enjoy the new change.

Towels can play a new role in your bathroom. In addition to their obvious use, colored towels as well as those with interesting patterns or prints can brighten up your bathroom. If you can match the rug with one of the towels, the effect is guaranteed.

Replace the shower curtain and you will see how different your bathroom is going to look like.

Lighting in the bathroom is essential, because, in general, these rooms are not too large, on the contrary. Choose a double lighting mode: a main body that illuminates the whole room and local spots, installed around the mirror, to observe the finest details. Opt for white light.

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More and more cost conscious designers from bathroom showrooms in Denver suggest adding potted plants to your bathroom motif. You can do that too, especially if your bathroom has a window which allows natural light to come in. Choose the plant carefully; it has to like high humidity.