Summer is a good time to make some changes in your kitchen, to refresh its appearance. You do not have to spend a lot of money to change furniture or the flooring materials; a few decorative tricks are enough.

A simple trick to change the aspect of your kitchen quickly is to replace the curtains. This is probably the simplest and cheapest change you can make, and it has the power to create a radical change in the appearance of this room.

Also, try to refresh the look of your kitchen furniture, with a few tricks. Most of the time, the knobs and handles are the first to wear out. You can replace them with new ones, and the result will surprise you!

For the table and chairs that now have an outdated look, we propose a solution that you can apply on a beautiful summer day: paint them! You have a wide range of colors and paints from which you can choose to make your kitchen furniture look like new.

Another idea to consider, especially for drawers, is to apply a sticker for furniture. You can find such stickers all DIY stores, in a wide range of models, prints and colors. Their application is very simple.

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