Although they are often associated, not necessarily correctly, with large kitchens and open spaces, kitchen islands have serve several purposes. Unjustly seen strictly as modern, visual anchors for these spaces, they have an important contribution in increasing the functionality and efficiency of the area, even in smaller kitchens. In addition, they are a good addition for those who like to entertain while cooking.

The kitchen island was not always an essential object of the room. In the 1800s, it was located as far away from the living room or dining room as possible, because it was considered to be a crowded area, which had to stay away from the eyes of the guests.

Much later, in the ‘1960s and’ 1970s, with the advent of culinary shows (such as The French Chef), new recipes, ideas and food started to be experimented, while communicating with family or guests, so the kitchen island became important to the creation of a welcoming atmosphere, by removing the barrier between domestic activities. The kitchen evolved into a malleable, fun space, situated right in the spotlight.Christopher's Kitchen and Bath

If you are unsure about installing an island in your kitchen and have doubts about its usefulness, ask the opinion of a Christopher’s Kitchen and Bath interior design specialist and find the most convenient options together.