Energy bills can become a burden if you do not keep your power consumption under control, especially in winter, when costs are typically higher. On the other hand, natural resources are noticeably diminishing, so energy efficiency should be a constant concern for all of us. Here are some ideas about improving home energy-efficiency with remodeling projects.

An important decision is to install a so-called “cold roof”. Cold roofs are those roofs that have two layers in their structure, and the air between them is in direct contact with the exterior space, so its characteristics correspond to the exterior air. The air layer acts as a natural ventilation system and is effective during hot summers when, according to experts, you can save about 15 percent of your energy consumption, by turning on the air conditioner more rarely.

Now that we talked about cold roofs, you should know that their installation goes together  with the thermal insulation of the attic. The insulating options are vast, regardless your needs and preferences.

You should also replace all incandescent bulbs in the house with modern economic versions of them. In the same context, you can optimize energy efficiency by replacing old electrical appliances with new products that, besides providing energy-efficiency, will also ease your work. You can look at popular kitchen design Denver retailers to see energy efficient appliance options.

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The floor also has its role in the thermal insulation of the house. Modern radiant floor systems are designed to warm the house in the winter and cool it in the summer.

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