kitchen design Denver

Kitchen design Denver trends come and go, but there are some design solutions that stand the test of time. Here are some classic style tips – incorporate them into your kitchen and you will have a space that will impress your guests even ten years from now:
– Cabinets high and low – the latest trend in kitchen furniture is to replace overhead cabinets with open shelves, but using a combination of floor and wall cabinets will give you more comfort and durability in your kitchen;
– A kitchen island for gathering together – you can have a separate dining area, but having a large kitchen island in the middle of the space, with an attractive countertop and stools is a much better way to transform your kitchen into the inviting place that everyone wants to spend time in;
– Vintage accents – details make all the difference; vintage lighting fixtures, faucets and taps will add sturdiness and a special elegance to your kitchen;
– White or off-white all around – light colors not only add style and elegance to your space – they are also the least sensitive colors that you can use, easy to clean and resistant. Use dark or colorful accents and decorations – they are easy to replace and allow to transform the way your space looks with just a few moves.