kitchen remodel Denver

Kitchen remodeling is the best way to increase the comfort and the value of your home, but getting the order of the project phases right is often challenging. Inspired Kitchen remodel Denver professionals tell us that this is how to do it all right:

  • Tear out and demolition – any kitchen remodeling should start with the removal of everything that needs to be replaced. The cabinets, the fixtures and the flooring that you want to replace need to be removed before moving on to the next phase;
  • Project phases that need professionals – when your kitchen is bare, it is time for the projects that require experts, such as electrical rewiring, the installation of new power outlets and fixtures, work that involves handling gas installations;
  • Flooring installation – if you want a new floor, it needs to be installed after the fixtures are in place;
  • The installation of the new doors and windows – the doors and windows are installed when the fixtures are installed;
  • Wall refinishing – the walls are usually refinished after the floor is finished and when the doors and windows are in place;
  • The installation of the new cabinets – one of the final phases of the project is the installation of the new cabinets;
  • Final arrangement – when the cabinets are in place, it is time to move in and take possession of your new kitchen.
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