Choosing your bathtub is a very important decision that will define the looks and the functionality of your bathroom for a long time, therefore it is a good idea to make a list with the features that you want your tub to offer, to compare the features available in the bathroom remodel Denver luxury market and to pick your tub with quality and price in mind, too.

bathroom remodel in Denver

Here are the most popular types of modern bathtubs:

  • Alcove tubs – these common tubs come with faucets embedded into the wall and are enclosed on three sides, exposing only one of the sides. The type is the preferred solution for small, full bathrooms;
  • Clawfoot tubs – these freestanding, vintage-style tubs rest on elevated feet and are great for large, classic bathrooms;
  • Angled freestanding tubs – the asymmetric design of these tubs features one end that is higher than the other and work best in minimalist bathrooms;
  • Corner tubs – another solution that can be used for maximizing the space in small or awkwardly shaped bathrooms. They usually have ample space around, suitable for adding decorations and for storing cosmetics;
  • Bubbles, massages and whirlpools – high-end tubs offer plenty of extra comfort features that can transform the bathroom into a top-notch spa area.
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