Your summer kitchen remodel requires only a little planning, a decent budget and a lot of creativity, so you can rediscover the pleasure of cooking and dining outdoors with family or friends.

What are the design options?

Ideally, the design of the summer kitchen should match the design of the house, to create a harmonious space. But you can play with the design to create a relaxing space, suitable for summer activities. Visiting high end kitchen showrooms Denver design centers can help you get ideas on design and costs.

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can opt for different arrangements or decor. If the space is limited, you can set up an exclusive space for cooking, equipped with the necessary tools and appliances, without including a space for dining.

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You can choose a rustic, traditional decor, using materials such as wood and brick, adding a wood-fired oven or a pizza oven. This design is relatively simple to incorporate and creates a warm atmosphere, similar to that found in a traditional mountain cottage.

To create a modern and minimalist design, choose materials such as steel, glass, stone or marble, and opt for an electric grill or a gas/ electric oven.

These two options are not exhaustive, of course; you can combine the traditional with the modern to create a pleasant and creative decor. After all, the most important thing is to feel good in your summer kitchen, and to enjoy spending time there.