paint colors

Using an accent color in the kitchen is a great idea, because decorating this room does not rely solely on countertops and cabinets. Surely, those are very important, but using an accent color also creates a great visual effect. You can use it anywhere and in any amount you feel like, to create an impact and bring personality to your kitchen.

Some ideas:

Blue – Blue is a beautiful color, with rich shades that makes it versatile. Typically, blue is associated with relaxation, but this is not a limit.

Turquoise – This is one of those interesting colors that make a great accent color in a contemporary kitchen. It looks awesome with white or gold elements.

Green – Green is definitely earthy, fresh and clean. It is a gorgeous color, suitable for a variety of styles, because it provides so many shades to choose from: lime is modern and funky, emerald is glamorous etc.

Gold  РGold is precious and this is a bit of a platitude, really, but nothing is quite as glamorous as gold. It is a rather unusual accent color for a kitchen, but you can match it with gold hardware and accessories, to elevate the overall aspect of your kitchen.

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