bathroom remodel Denver

The bathroom sink is an important piece in your home, a piece that plays both a functional and an aesthetic role. The utility and the functional role of the bathroom sink requires excellent quality and an aspect that completes the design of the bathroom. Available in a wide range of colors, shapes and materials, this sanitary object can represent a decisive balance point in the general aesthetics of the bathroom.

Before detailing the main criteria you need to consider if you want to choose the best bathroom sink, we must mention the aspects you need to take into account before making any choice:

  • Your bathroom features (size, style, colors)
  • Your budget

Types of bathroom sink, depending on how they are installed:

  • Pedestal sinks
  • Console Sinks
  • Self-Rimming Sink
  • Wall-mounted sinks
  • Corner Mounted Sinks
  • Corner Vessel Sinks
  • Sinks placed within or on top of a counter (undermount sinks)
  • Vessel Sinks

Types of bathroom sinks depending on the material from which they are made

  • Ceramic sinks
  • Marble, granite or stone sink (these are the most expensive models, but also the most durable)
  • Glass sinks
  • Acrylic sinks
  • Copper sinks (less common, but particularly aesthetic)
  • Cast iron sink (very resistant but also very heavy, requiring a fairly rigid support).

You can visit bathroom showrooms and talk to bathroom remodel Denver experienced designers for advice and suggestions on the best type of sink for your style and budget.