“Made in Germany” goes beyond production location. Bauformat embodies what it means to be engineered for precision and performance. Bauformat uses only state of the art production facilities and high quality materials for every finish; from laminates, to glass, stainless steel and lacquers.


Founded in Germany nearly 100 years ago, Bauformat’s mission has always been engineering the most aesthetic and functional kitchen furniture possible.

Still designed, manufactured and assembled in Lohne, Germany, Bauformat kitchens are the quintessential European kitchen for your modern design Denver, CO kitchen remodel.

Our Favorite Part

Whether your taste is modest and earthy or bold and vibrant, Bauformat has a solution. Storage and functionality stay on the forefront of the design but well hidden in the cleverly designed units.

Why Bauformat

Using Bauformat in your Denver, CO kitchen remodel or kitchen design is the best way to ensure that your modern kitchen is functional and beautiful.

Shipping fully assembled, directly from Lohne, Germany to our location in Englewood, CO means there’s no convoluted assembly process or missing components.

Our certified, expert kitchen designers can help create a German kitchen tailored to your exacting standards. And our installers can do the rest.



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