If you want a new kitchen and you want to make sure that the design of your new space is consistent, creative and a great match for your tastes, the best way to go is to turn to a kitchen design firm. If you have found a company that seems right, here are some questions to ask before you hire them:

  • The range of the services offered – knowing what your design company does and does not offer is essential for your final decision. Find out whether your design will provide detailed technical drawings, work with contractors during the execution and source fixtures and furniture; Find out what kind of relationships they have with kitchen cabinets Denver suppliers. Can you expect discounted pricing as a result of working with a designer?
  • Experience – ask your designer to show you their portfolio to see whether they have experience working on spaces similar to yours;
  • Project phases and processes – ask to be told exactly what to expect in terms of work processes, the kind of disruption to your daily life, the work teams coming and going, the duration of the entire project;
  • The budget – it is essential to tell your design firm about the size of your budget – the information will determine their material choices. Ask the firm how much their services costs, too – it is an essential piece of information.

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