art deco bathroom vanities Denver

If the time has come to update your bathroom or you are working with a designer to set up the bathroom in your new home, here are some of the questions that you should ask the expert before starting to buy materials:

  • Questions about the flooring – discuss the best material and color that you should use in your bathroom. Take into consideration aesthetic as well as practical aspects, such as the need to have a non-slip surface or easy cleaning and ask for detailed information about the prices and the complexity of the installation process, too;
  • Storage – most bathrooms are small, but even so, there are many household items that need to be kept in there. Ask your designer to provide recommendations about clever storage units, shelving and cabinetry; Look for larger bathroom vanities Denver options that maximize storage.
  • Shower or tub – this is another important decision to make, so ask your designer what the best solution should be;
  • Ventilation – bathrooms are very humid places. Any room that is exposed to excessive amounts of moisture become breeding grounds for mold, mildew and other types of fungal infestations, so you will need your designer to provide an efficient ventilation solution as well;
  • Decisions about the fixtures – ideally, your bathroom fixtures are attractive, efficient, durable and easy to use, so make sure to discuss these aspects with your designer.