Do you want to provide a fresh look to your house by hiring a good Christopher’s Kitchen and Bath interior designer? Congratulations, you made the right decision! Not only will you get rid of the headaches associated with this process, but your home will look spectacular, provided you choose a good interior designer. That’s why it is important to know what questions to ask when you hire this person.

kitchen and bath design

 What is your specialty?

On the whole, interior designers must be able to create what the customers want, but each one is typically specialized in a particular direction.For example, there are designers who work very well in big houses, while others are specialized in small apartments. As about style, some prefer to approach the classic models, while others are good at rather bold and modern projects.

Can I see your portfolio?

This is another question that should not be missed from the preliminary discussion. The portfolio must contain license and certification,as well as samples of the designer`s work that will help you decide if they fit your style and have experience with projects similar with yours.

 Can we contact the references you have provided us with?

Any good designer takes pride in positive reviews and testimonials received from former clients, but it is equally important that you are able to contact them and ask them some information personally.

Can you provide an estimate?

Finally, after learning all the issues that interest you, it is important to ask for an estimate of the project that can greatly influence your choice.