Your bathroom is finally arranged as you have always dreamed of and you want to keep it looking beautiful like this for a long time. For this to happen, it is important to properly maintain the shiny clean and sanitary aspect of the surfaces, including furniture, and to take into account the cleaning particularities when it comes to this room.

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Do not forget to focus your attention on your bathroom vanity too, as it is a central piece, therefore a focal point. Pay attention, periodically, on what is stored inside. Discard all expired cosmetics and sort out the remaining ones. Clean the shelves and wipe them with dry, clean cloths, before rearranging your things in there.

Regardless of the material it is made from, always use soft cloths, made of textile or microfiber, for cleaning your bathroom vanity, to prevent scratching its surface.

According to people that work at bathroom showrooms in Denver, the simplest solution – but also effective! – for cleaning stains on different materials, including wood, is a mixture of soap and water. Avoid cleaning products that contain alcohol, ammonia or acetone.

Use special wood wax, if your bathroom vanity is made of this material, to restore its surface and make it look like new.

Keep your vanity away from heat sources and also avoid placing it near the shower or bathtub. Ventilate properly and maintain a constant temperature in the bathroom, to avoid moisture that can affect the finish of your vanity.