Who cooks frequently knows: there is no way to avoid grease spitting on your kitchen cabinets. If you do not clean it quickly and properly, it will create a film on the surface of your cabinets which will be more difficult to clean. Water alone is useless for cleaning grease; on the other hand, if you opt for chemical solutions, they can damage your cabinets’ finishes.

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Here are a couple of tips from https://christophersshowroom.com/, to help you with this problem.

Use vinegar

Put undiluted vinegar on a dry cloth and wipe your kitchen cabinets. Rinse the cloth with warm water, squeeze it and wipe the cabinets again, until the grease is removed completely. Wipe them with paper towels, to prevent stains.

Use dishwashing detergent

Another option is to use dishwashing detergent, which is an alkaline product designed to remove grease. Put a stopper in the sink and let the hot water run until it reaches halfway. Add two teaspoons of dishwashing detergent in the water and use a soaked sponge with an abrasive part to clean your cabinets. Make circular moves on their surface, then use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe them clean of detergent. Wipe them dry with paper towels.

To prevent the formation of that grease film we were talking about previously (and which will be increasingly difficult to remove!), clean your kitchen cabinets frequently.