Spring is the perfect season for home changes. Thus, along with spring cleaning, you can also consider some ideas to freshen up the look of your kitchen. Even without changing the tiles, replacing cabinets and doing other extensive and complicated renovation works, creative kitchen design Denver designers comment that the kitchen can still be one step away from looking brighter and newer. Everything is in the accessories.

kitchen design Denver

Instead of changing cabinets, you can only change the front panels, to get the appearance of a new piece of furniture. Another equally spectacular option is using drawer fronts that stick over the original ones (if they are made of MDF) or are fixed in the metal frame of the drawer you got bored of.  – Et voila! Your kitchen furniture looks completely different – in a positive way!

Using stickers is another quick, easy and reversible way to provide your kitchen furniture a new look. They can be used to cover a worn out table or countertop, as well as to transform the aspect of open shelving.

But what about changing handles and pulls of your kitchen furniture? You may not have thought that these small accessories can have a significant visual effect, but they actually do, so they are another easy method to freshen the look of your kitchen.

You can also place planters, flowers or herbs in the room, to brighten up the atmosphere.