There are many contractor advertisements in the phonebook, newspapers, internet or around, on fliers put in your mailbox, on the side of trucks etc. However, not all of these contractors are reliable or experienced.bathroom remodel Denver business

When you search for a bathroom remodel contractor, keep the word “license” in your mind.  Hiring a licensed bathroom remodel Denver contractor is a way to avoid being victim of unscrupulous operators. The state license number can be verified by dialing 321. Most licensed contractors are also certified and carry proper insurance. On the other hand, an unlicensed contractor may not adhere to building codes, nor care too much for its reputation. Besides, if it does not carry insurance either, you are liable for accidents that happen on your property.

Some licensed contractors may hire salespeople to work for them. Those salespersons must be registered and have a registration card that you are allowed to ask for.

You should avoid door-to-door solicitors, always check out credentials, read the contract very carefully before signing it, make sure it contains no shady information and hire a contractor that  has a local office, instead of just a p.o. box address. You should be able to find a licensed contractor’s business address when you look up its license status.