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If we sell it, we install it.

You wouldn’t buy tires from a shop who couldn’t mount them, so why buy products for your home from a company who can’t install them? It’s a simple question, but one that we asked very early on. We understand that offering just part of the service doesn’t always do the trick. The fact that we offer expert installation on every single product we sell allows us to know the products we sell inside and out.

What this really means is that we know how to sell the right product, install it to factory standards and ensure that you enjoy the right products for your home for years to come.


We install all sorts  of plumbing fixtures: from air baths and steam showers to kitchen disposals and faucets. With over 58 years experience installing fine plumbing fixtures available – we do it right the first time.


Whether it’s a single vanity or a complete kitchen, our team of expert installers provide flawless install every time. Years of experience and the right tools mean unique and special installations are no problem.


Tile, concrete, quartz, natural stone, solid surface – we can template, fabricate & install it all. Shower bases, countertops, paneled walls, we pride ourselves on having the professionals to complete your project, large or small.

General Contracting

Large and small scale remodel projects, complicated installations and renovations, whatever your need, our contractors are your contractors. Whether it’s structural, aesthetic or somewhere between, we have the knowledge, tools and experience.


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