Any home area needs to be remodeled now and then, and the half bath is no exception. A half bath or a guest bath is a little space that barely includes a toilet and a sink, plus a possible cabinet to store some essential objects. However, it represents a profitable home improvement, so you should not neglect it.

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Here are a couple of suggestions to help you make the most of such a small space.

Lots of white, mirrors and glass
A white room will always look bigger, so do not hesitate to opt for white walls and floors, without shrill details. Also, what place in your house might be more suitable for mirrors if not the bathroom? Mirrors too make the eye perceive the space in which they were placed as larger, so another great idea to make your half bath look bigger is to have a mirror wall, which will wonderfully reflect and increase light. A glass door will complete the look of the bathroom, closing the space without obstructing the natural light.

Bath Vanities with Storage
Bathroom vanities Denver suppliers, like Christopher’s Kitchen and Bath, may have options for you that offer your smaller bathroom additional storage options.

Hide the toilet tank
Seek the advice of a plumber and find out if you can hide the water source of the toilet. A tank built into the wall will save enough space to make your half bath more generous.