kitchen design in Denver

The kitchen cabinets usually being the largest objects in any kitchen, lines composed of multiple items installed on the floor, underneath the countertop and on the walls as well, the color featured on them is essential for the general style of the kitchen space. The colors chosen for the cabinets play not only an aesthetic role – they also influence the amount of cleaning and maintenance required. Here some of the aspects and factors of kitchen design in Denver that you should bear in mind when choosing between light or dark hues for your cabinets:

  • Light colors – crispy white, cream, mint green, pale blue and other light colors can extend the space, therefore they are great for small kitchens. However, spots, stains, smudges and other issues more conspicuous on lighter cabinets and the owner should also take care to create a chromatic balance by adding darker colors, such as a dark backsplash;
  • Dark colors – the cabinets that feature darker colors, such as dark grey, navy blue, dark brown or black, can add more depth to your kitchen design, but they also make the space look a bit smaller, therefore they work best in large kitchens or in smaller kitchens where the smooth, dark richness is contrasted with lighter colors in the backdrop or with lighter accents on the cabinetry.