Denver bathroom cabinets and countertop

Your bathroom vanity is a very important component of the space that plays an aesthetic as well as a functional role. Choosing the material for the item will determine the overall style and comfort of your room, so here are some of the best choices:

Plywood – the material is often used for building roofs, so you can be sure that your plywood cabinet will be durable and resistant to moisture. Plywood is also available in lots of attractive varieties, making it one of the best picks, beautifully grained and strong;

  • Solid wood – another great and traditional choice, solid wood vanities look great and last long. The solution is somewhat more expensive than others, but the long lifespan and the aesthetic appeal compensates for the higher price. The wood varieties that are the most suitable for bathrooms include oak, poplar, maple and birch;
  • MDF – medium density fiberboard works great for painted cabinets and vanities. The material is not sensitive to moisture, therefore it is great for bathrooms.

Your vanity can have a Denver cabinets countertop made from the same material as the box and the doors or you can decide a countertop made from a different material, such as marble or granite.

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