kitchen design Denver

Kitchen cabinets can transform the entire room. In terms of models and materials, we have nothing to complain about, as the diversity of kitchen cabinets that can be found in kitchen design Denver galleries is huge, satisfying both aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

You can choose between slightly cheaper, ready-made cabinets, or custom ones, more expensive and personalized, made especially to fit your space and design specifications. You can also choose cabinets made of various materials:

Wooden cabinets

Solid wood cabinets remain an extremely inspired choice for any type of kitchen. Wood is a material that has the advantage of having passed the test of time brilliantly, both in terms of strength and appearance.

MDF cabinets

After wood, MDF kitchen cabinets are the best choice. Specialists usually recommend painted MDF, because it has a higher resistance to the typically humid kitchen environment. MDF cabinets are an effective way to create a luxurious-looking space, at relatively low prices.

Eco-friendly cabinets

Eco-friendly kitchen furniture, in general, can be made from various environmentally friendly materials, recycled or based on organic and non-toxic components that produce less pollution than ordinary furniture.

Laminated cabinets

This is the cheapest option in terms of kitchen cabinets. There are several types of laminated cabinets – veneered and melamine (glossy, textured and plain) – which will make it easy for you to match them with the overall style of your kitchen.