Whether you want the most practical features that a bathroom can offer, or you’re looking to install a smart bathroom with all electronics and plumbing automated to provide you with a feeling of complete control and comfort, there are some additions that you’ll probably like a lot.bathroom showrooms Denver

Luxury bathroom showrooms Denver remodeling designers will tell you that Hi-tech toilets are among the most popular of these additions. Already a common thing in Japan, these toilets are able to keep you warm and clean you up, and you won’t even need to use your hand to lift up the seat, since a button or touch control will provide that function as automated as well. Self-cleaning toilets and motion sensors will give you a completely refreshing experience, so your toilet will also be maintenance-free.

Digital and automated faucets featuring motion sensors to detect proximity and turn on when your hands are close by will make washing your hands a completely relaxing and elevating experience.

Finally, if you want the ultimate experience in terms of relaxation, you can have a soaking tub installed. This Asian-style addition can be used similarly as a Jacuzzi, with massaging jets making you feel relaxed, and the accurate temperature and mood enhancing lighting making you want to stay in there all day and night.

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