The style of your home is a reflection of your personality and this is even more true for very personal spaces, such as the bathroom. The vanity is usually the central piece in any bathroom, a component that needs to fulfill several roles, including functionality, the creation of an integrated appearance for the entire bathroom and the expression of the owner’s tastes and sense of style. If you want a new vanity that is perfect for your personality and serves the other goals just as well, here are a few tips about how to choose it:

  • Size – modern vanities come in all sizes, but even so, getting the size right is not that easy. Make very accurate measurements of your bathroom, paying special attention to the space that you want your vanity to take up. You can also make a sketch of your bathroom or use an online design application to get a more realistic idea of how bulky or how small your vanity will be;
  • Create your own design – if you are not very good at drawing, make a list with the features that you are looking for, including the number of drawers, the color of the vanity, the style of the knobs and start looking for the piece that is the closest to your expectations. Check out the best bathroom remodel Denver design retailers for inspiration. If nothing seems to fit, you can also hire a furniture maker to create a unique design for you and to execute a piece like no other.

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