In a city like Denver, it is quite easy to find ideas and specialists for a bathroom remodeling project. If you want to make your bathroom more appealing, a simple trick is to change the style of the vanities.

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Classic style vanities

If you opt for a chic and classic style, choose wooden cabinets with beautiful rounded legs, wooden engravings and elegant handles. These cabinets take up a little more space than other models, but instead, your bathroom will get a special charm.

Industrial style vanities

If you left the pipes exposed, opted for vintage faucets and a retro or metal sink, you will definitely have to look for a matching vanity. In this case, the industrial style tends to focus on that type of old cabinets that were used, for example, in doctors’ offices, being almost always made of metal, in dark tones.

Scandinavian style in your bathroom

This style focuses on a minimal expression, as well as functional and bright spaces, with furniture that has very simple linear shapes. The colors are very light or even white. These types of furniture takes up little space and optically increase the space, so they are ideal for smaller bathrooms.