Christopher's Kitchen and Bath staff

Home remodeling projects, whether small, involving just some painting or the renovation of a single room or major, involving multiple rooms simultaneously, cause a lot of stress to the entire household – there is dust and dirt everywhere, nothing works as usual, things are not in their usual place and, if the job is done through a contractor, there are strangers coming and going on the property all the time. If you are looking for ways to reduce that stress, here are a few tips (see more at for you:

  • Set a realistic budget and stick to it – one of the major sources of remodel-related stress is money. Try to figure out how much you can spend on the project and when you calculate what can fit into that budget, allocate at least 15% of the sum to unexpected expenses, there will surely be some;
  • Involve your family, but don’t stress them – assign everyone in the household projects that they are able and willing to do and try to make the process fun;
  • Accept that you cannot do it all – handle the work that you have the knowledge and the dexterity to handle, but hire contractors for the processes that require expertise and special tools. It is all safer, more efficient and less nerve-wrecking that way.
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