The last thing you want for your bathroom is a meaningless mix of shades and lights, which creates a visual discomfort every time you are there. Here are the 3 most important secrets that bathroom remodel Denver specialists recommend for choosing the right color palette for your bathroom.

  1. The rule of 3

This is one of the most commonly used techniques. All you have to do is choose a light color, a neutral color and a contrasting color. Then remember this rule about combining the three colors in your bathroom: the light color must cover 70% of the space, the neutral color 20%, and the contrast color only 10% of the bathroom. This way you will get an chromatic effect.

  1. Combine two neutral colors

The most appropriate percentage for this combination is 70% / 30%. The simplest thing is to choose a combination of white and gray and you will see that the result can still be extraordinary.

  1. Get inspired by the general chromatic palette in your home

You can start from a color that dominates chromatically in your living room, to create a connection between the bathroom and the rest of the house. Did you use blue for furniture and white for wallpaper and floor? Then you could try a combination of marine shades for your bathroom tiles and furniture. The complementary of colors throughout the home will ensure a homogeneous and aesthetic effect.

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