choosing a color scheme for your kitchen design Denver homeChoosing the color scheme for your kitchen design Denver home can be an overwhelming task – the number of options is seemingly endless and the factors that you need to take into consideration are numerous, too. Here are some tips that can simplify the process:

  • Think about the color of your cabinets and your walls – in most kitchens, the cabinets take up almost half of the visual space, therefore you should be careful when consider the color scheme of your kitchen furniture when you choose the color for the walls. If your cabinets use strong, bright colors, use a toned-down, simple color on the walls to prevent having an oppressively colorful environment. If your furniture is of a neutral color or white, you can choose a pastel hue or a bright shade for the walls for a sleek and vibrant appearance;
  • Think about the color of your countertop – choose a countertop color that complements the color of the furniture in the same way as your wall color. If you choose granite or marble, pay attention to the color of the grains, too;
  • Think about the color of the flooring – your floor color also needs to coordinate with the other hues used on the walls and on the furnishing items and it should also be a practical, easy to clean color or pattern.
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