Summer is the best time for many projects and activities around the house, interior and exterior remodels included. Here are some projects that you can start this summer and that will add functionality, comfort as well as value to your home:

  • Update your backyard – we all want to spend more time outdoors when the weather is nice. If your backyard is currently in less than perfect shape, the beginning of the summer is the right time to clean it, to create new flower beds, to plant some resistant, low-maintenance, but colorful flowers and to build or to refresh the patio. Backyard updates can be easily done on your own and without a significant investment, what’s more, the work is great fun and can be done by the entire family together;
  • Since you can spend time cooking and being outside in summer, summer is a great time to complete a kitchen remodel project. Visit trend setting kitchen showrooms in Denver for design inspiration.
  • Painting – dry weather is the best for paint jobs, too. Whether you decide to paint the exterior of the building or one of your interior spaces, you can be sure that the fresh coat of paint will dry quickly, so the project will not involve major disruption for your household;
  • Storm-proof your doors and windows – major storms have become increasingly frequent in recent years, so storm doors and window shutters are very important.
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