Preparing to renovate your bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult. Consider adding new bathroom vanities for an efficient and timeless look. With the right pieces, you can create a bathroom that is both stylish and practical.

Choose the appropriate vanity

When selecting new bathroom vanities, think about the size of your space. A vanity that is too large may be a bit overwhelming while a piece that is too small will not provide enough storage, so be sure to scale your selection to fit the size your room. Consider a taller model if you would like a more modern look, or opt for a more traditional piece with plenty of drawers and counter space for toiletries.

Christopher's Kitchen and Bath

Beautifying your bathroom

For an eye-catching finish, you can customize your new vanities according to your design preferences. Consider adding glaze or distress to the wood for an aged appearance and matching furniture for balance. Look for vanities with built-in storage solutions, such as organizers, towel bars and open shelves to store items that you want kept within reach. Featuring a fine balance of stylish design and functional storage, these pieces can make a big statement in your bathroom.

Create a personalized haven

Maximize your bathroom style and function with a unique combination of wall coverings and accents. With vibrant patterned wallpaper, a vanity with a matching wood finish and a special feature light fixture, you can create a truly personalized space. Small details, such as a monogrammed vanity tray, scented soap and plenty of pretty plants can help you achieve your desired look.

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