In the last few years, the main trend is the simplicity. We see many interior design projects without unnecessary decoration. People opt for modern sanitary ware, with a space-design ratio as efficient as possible. Decorative elements are very few and strategically placed in some areas.

Although it seems very complicated, tracking trends is not just about sanitary objects, but also about specific furniture that provide adequate storage spaces. If you do not have enough storage space, your bathroom will remain beautiful only for a very short time. Then shampoos, shower gels, all the little things you need every day will start to pile up in a mess.

bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities in Denver integrate function with design, and come in all types and sizes. You can opt for cabinets placed on the floor, on the corner or suspended. When choosing bathroom furniture, it is worthwhile going for modular cabinets that allow for the free placement of particular parts of the system, exactly where we want.

With regard to the current trends leading to simplicity, you can choose bathroom vanities with Scandinavian style, in neutral or natural colors, with accents that complement the walls and floor. Also, a mirror cabinet will optically increase the space.