kitchen design Denver

The cabinets in the kitchen are not only for storing things – they are also important design components, elements that bring the kitchen design together and create harmony. If you are in the process of getting new cabinetry for your kitchen, here are some of the most important trends identified by modern kitchen design Denver decorators:

  • Open shelves – these solutions are more for the design than for the functionality. If you have a set of beautiful dinnerware that you want to showcase or some collection items, open cabinets are the best;
  • Customized colors – the color range available in stores is very wide, but if you want to make your kitchen design unique, you can go for custom colors that will not be used in anyone else’s kitchen. You can mix your own colors and paint your own cabinets, you can use special wallpaper to make your cabinets stand out or you can have the special hue you have in mind created for you by a cabinet maker;
  • Mixing colors – using color combinations, such as combining a neutral hue with a bright color on your cabinets is another very trendy solution;
  • Clean lines – minimalist cabinets, free from the ornaments that used to be so typical in our mother’s kitchen, are very popular today
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