When you talk to a bathroom remodel Denver contractor about a bathroom installation, they’ll often point out that there is an important order to how everything needs to be installed. You’ll have to take that into account, for instance, when you want to get a new bathtub set up and your plumbing is completely busted.

bathroom remodel Denver

The first repairs and installations that need to be handled during a bathroom remodel are usually structural. If your bathroom’s walls were damaged, or if there are rusty and broken old pipes in the wall, then those have to be addressed before anything else – even before you consider setting up tiles or repainting. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to have some of the remodeling jobs redone, which can cost more money and waste a lot of time.

Once everything is working and the walls are fixed and mold-free, it will be time to start installing fixtures and things like bathtubs and showers. They will often require functional adjustments which are not very good to do once your tiles are in place and your walls already painted.

Finally, finishes, paint, tiles and then bathroom vanities and cabinets will be added as required. If you need a large mirror, this is when it will be set up, along with shelves and other small details like shower curtain rods.