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An air bath is one of those things that you are grateful to have especially when you come home after a long day at work and you need something to help you relax.

An air bath is a bath tub with a special technology that utilizes air jets in the water, providing increased comfort and relaxation. Many people think that an air bath and a whirlpool are pretty much the same thing, but in reality there are differences, although the experiences they provide are similar. Find air bath tubs at bathroom showrooms in Denver.

Like we mentioned before and as their name suggests, air baths use air to power jet massagers; on the other hand, a whirlpool pulls in the water itself to create the massage jets. The two also feel different: whirlpools produce higher pressure massage jets and keep the water warm for a long time, while air baths are less effective when it comes to re-heating the water. The air they use is from outside the tub, but bath water is not recirculated, like in the case of whirlpool tubs.

An air bath will provide you a gentler massage and cost less than whirlpools. However, they are still very efficient for relaxation and stimulating circulation. Air bath therapy is actually used in several medical fields.