Choosing the finishes of kitchen furniture is very important because they can influence the design of the room.

Depending on the budget, the interior decoration and the available space, you can opt for furniture made of chipboard, MDF or PVC, with different types of classic finishes (e.g. melamine, veneer or various varnishes), or modern ones (e.g. UV painting and hardening, or painted/ wrapped MDF).

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According to affordable kitchen remodel Denver design specialists, here are some of the most popular materials and finishes used for kitchen furniture:

  • Chipboard furniture with melamine finishes – Chipboard is a material composed of various small wood chips, mixed with resins and glues, forming plates by hot pressing. Thanks to the melamine film, the furniture will look beautiful and also be very practical and resistant in the kitchen environment.
  • Chipboard furniture with PVC foil – PVC foil is applied on chipboard or MDF, at high temperatures, with the help of a press and special adhesives. The foil is very thin so it can be easily applied on curved or circular surfaces.
  • MDF furniture with plastic finishes – This is perhaps the most durable kitchen furniture, with a very long life span.
  • MDF furniture with painted finishes using UV hardening – These are the most modern types of finishes you can choose for kitchen furniture. The finishing details are made with the help of polyurethane paints, laminated paper or natural veneer.