kitchen remodel Denver flooring

Choosing the floor is not just a matter of style or durability. Trend setting kitchen remodel Denver flooring specialists suggest that when choosing kitchen flooring materials you consider several aspects:

  • How intense is the traffic in your kitchen?
  • How much do you use the kitchen?
  • What kinds of activities happen in the kitchen?
  • Is the kitchen open to the dining area?
  • Do you also receive your guests in the kitchen?
  • Do you want a continuity of style between the kitchen and the rest of the house?

Ceramic tiles are traditionally used for kitchen floors. Wood or natural stone are less common choices due to their high price, but their qualities are significant.

Ceramic tiles are not popular without justification. Homeowners rely on them because they are not expensive and have a lot of qualities:

  • Affordable price
  • Traffic resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Do not retain moisture

Wood is another good material for kitchen floors and there are four types of wooden flooring commonly used:

  • Laminate wood flooring
  • Solid parquet
  • Natural boards

Wooden floors are a good solution for open kitchens, they fit with almost any interior design style, they provide a timeless look that does not go out of style, they are durable, warm and comfortable.

Finally yet importantly, we should mention natural stone, which is one of the most beautiful materials for the kitchen floor. It comes in several variants: granite, slate, marble.