bathroom vanities Denver

The vanity unit is a very important piece of furniture in any bathroom, a component that fulfills both practical and aesthetic roles. When choosing your new vanity, bathroom vanities Denver suppliers suggest you need to take into account several aspects – here are some:

  • Size – your new vanity needs to be properly sized to be able to accommodate all the things that you want to store inside and it also needs to be in proportion with the size of your bathroom. To figure out the best size, take into consideration the size of your washbasin as well as the size of the space in which the vanity will be installed and pay attention to door clearance, too;
  • Consider the mounting and storage requirements – vanities come in free-standing, wall-mounted and corner-mounted varieties. Free-standing vanities usually provide more storage space than the other two types;
  • Consider existing or future plumbing – your vanity needs to be suitable for the plumbing features already existing or to be installed in your bathroom, so consult your plumber before choosing your vanity unit;
  • Style – open vanities consist of shelves and work great in modern settings, while the ones that come with doors are available in classic as well as in modern styles.
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