Denver cabinets

The top option, the most attractive, but also very expensive, is wooden kitchen furniture. It is very durable over time and able to match different kitchen styles. Wood gives the room an elegant, welcoming and warm look. Its texture is unique and has an unmistakable beauty.

Solid wood

Wood can be of two types, hardwood (from hardwood species) and softwood (from softwood species). Hardwood comes from oak, beech, ash, cherry, walnut, etc. On the other hand, softwood comes from species such as spruce, fir, pine, etc. Solid wood has a unique texture, an elegant, fine and very pleasant appearance. A quality wood Denver cabinets manufacturer affirms that it is important that wooden kitchen furniture have an adequate finish to protect it from moisture, on the entire surface, including edges (wood – regardless of type – is sensitive to moisture and prone to rot).

Laminated wood

In this case, we are talking about several layers of wood that are glued together by pressing them on top of each other. Laminated wood has the advantage that it does not expand and contract when subjected to temperature variations and humidity (so it does not deform, because its layered composition prevents this process).